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(Soup in a) Breadbowl

Tomato Bisque BreadbowlIf you like soup, then you probably like breadbowls.  This ain’t about making soup, because I don’t know how to make soup, but breadbowls are easy!  I bought a premade tomato bisque from the grocery store and a hunk of bread that calls intself a “Simple Neo-Tuscan Boule,” but I think the “boule” part is the only important part.  Cut a hole in the top and pull some insides out like a pumpkin.  Plug it back up and pop it in a 400° oven for 7 minutes to get the crust exta cripsy. Heat up the soup while that’s going on, and when everything’s done, unplug the bowl and fill ‘er up and eat it!  I sprinkled some shredded Swiss on top cuz I likes to get my cheese on, which is recommonded.

Update: I’ve tried making a sourdough breadbowl as well, and I have to say… I greatly preferred the “neo-tuscan boule.”