These are some blogs written by people I know.  I can vouch that they’re super cool

  • Check out my good friend Dori’s blog.  If you are in the mood for an extreme departure from meat, dairy, and onions, take a look at “Veggie Gal.”
  • Check out my friend Natalie’s blog “Sweet Teeth” if you’re into baking and coffee.  A big focus on amazing desserts.

And here are some things that I personally just really enjoy!


One response to “Friends

  1. Dear David,
    I think you should try making the beef and potato stoup again 🙂 add the carrots like you suggested! but yes, it does taste better the more it sits. I’ve made it twice since we last talked!! My fav thing to make
    Your Pal,

    p.s. I would love a vlog! LOL

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